セイコーの目覚まし時計・Pyxis Raiden NR522Wを買いました。
I got a Seiko alarm clock, Pyxis Raiden NR522W.

PYXIS (ピクシス) 目覚まし時計 ライデン デジタル 電波時計 大音量 NR522K

(2016/7/23 17:16時点)

I used to use an old phone as an alarm, but I decided to buy a decent clock the other day because the phone's battery seemed to be getting too old, and the battery pack has been swelling.


どんな時計? | What was I looking for?

I was looking for an alarm clock that's not too loud (I get sick when a loud beep goes off in the morning) and has a thermometer and hygrometer.

This clock was labelled as "loud," but it actually is not loud if you turn the volume down (yes, you can change the volume.) Also, you can choose the beep from six different beeping sounds. 

気に入った点 | Things I like

気に入った点は、余計な警告表示が付いていない所です。温度計と湿度計が付いてるんだから、 インフルエンザ注意、食中毒注意、カビ・ダニ注意などの警告表示はいらない、というのが私の意見です。
I like that it does not display warnings about heat stroke or the flu or anything like that. I found it kind of annoying because when the temperatures and humidity are on the display, isn't it obvious what you should watch out for?  

On the display, it has just the information that I need, and that's why I like this clock the most. In addition, it is radio wave controlled, so the time is pretty accurate (of course). Before I bought it, I didn't think I would need the radio control function, but I found it very handy! 
The back of this clock. 

As an online English tutor, I call my students precisely eight seconds before the scheduled time so that they can pick up at the exact lesson time, and this clock makes that easier. I used to use my phone or the clock on my laptop, but I prefer this clock because of its superior visibility.

The thermometer and hygrometer seem to be accurate. I once put this clock beside my father's Citizen alarm clock to see how those meters function. It turned out that the temperature differed by only 0.2℃ and the humidity differed by only 2%. I would say those meters are reliable.
左が父のシチズンの目覚まし時計です | My father's Citizen clock is on the left.  


(2016/7/23 17:20時点)

気に入らない点 | Things I don't really like

欠点というわけでは決してありませんが、もし温度計を摂氏と華氏表示を切り替えられたら(私にとって) 最高な時計になったでしょう。アメリカの友人たちと話す時に楽しいかな、というだけですが・・・。
This is not a disadvantage per se, but it would be THE best clock if it could switch the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa because it would be very fun and convenient when I'm talking with my American friends. 

Also, it would be better if the display could be readable from a wider angle. I have this clock on the bedside table and can look at it directly at night, but the display is a bit faint from that angle, and it gets even more faint when the backlight is on. It is still readable, though.

まとめ | Conclusion

Although I discussed some of the flaws of this clock, overall I love it. I look forward to being awakened each day from this clock's alarm!

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