I have to confess that I thought Google voice typing was useless, but I found that that assumption was completely outdated after I wrote my previous post by using it. I was pleasantly surprised that this function is in fact very handy. 
For this reason, I'm going to share some tips to make it work and also advantages and disadvantages that it has.

My tablet: ASUS Nexus 7 (2013)  [16GB]

長所 | Advantages

What I like about Google Voice typing is that it enables you to type out quite fast once you get the hang of it.

I voice typed the previous post from the introduction through the conclusion, both in English and Japanese.

まずは英語を先に書いて、それを日本語に訳していきました。 英語版を書いた時には記録をとっていなかったので、どのくらいかかったのかわかりませんが、日本語に訳すのは36分しかかかりませんでした(文字数は1077、単語数は1066でした)。 キーボードでのタイピングではここまで早くは出来なかったでしょう。
I wrote it in English first, and translated it into Japanese. I didn't record how long it took to write the English version, but I finished the Japanese version in 36 minutes (1,077 characters and 1066 words).  I could not have finished typing that fast. 

Here's the first draft of this post. Voice typing enabled me to type out a 258-word document in 15 minutes while I was in bed! (Don't laugh at my terrible English since it was the first draft. I just wanted to show how much you can type out in 15 minutes.)

When I translate song lyrics for my blog, I write the translation on a sheet of paper first and then type into Microsoft Word. The typing usually takes 20 minutes or so, but I finish typing it orally in less than 10 minutes. 

あとこれは意外な発見だったのですが、音声入力で変換された漢字が自分の意図とは違う漢字に変換されることがあるのですが、 その漢字の方が良いということも意外と多くあります。
Google will sometimes input a different kanji from what I had intended, but at times this change is actually an improvement from what I had tried to write originally.

If you get the hang of it, you can type with 90% accuracy. So if you take into account that you need to correct what Google types for you, it's a much easier and faster way to write a blog post.

The biggest advantage I found in this function is that you can type wherever you are, even if you are in bed as long as you have a tablet or smartphone.

さらにもう一つの利点として、音声入力にはタイプミスがないということが挙げられます。なので 綴りに自信の無い表現でもとりあえず発音してみるといいかもしれません。英語で「一年中」を表す"all year round"を私は"all year around"と発音しましたが、自動的に正しい"round"に直されていました。綴りの記憶が曖昧でも取りあえず音にしてしまえばOKという点はとても楽です。
The beauty of voice typing is that there are never any typos. I once said "all year around" but Google corrected the phrase as "all year round" for me, so if you don't remember certain expressions correctly, just give it a try.

短所 | Disadvantages

It can be very irritating when I have to type an English sentence that's full of Japanese names.

There is no problem when they are famous names of places or people such as Tokyo and Osaka or Taro and Hanako, but it's quite difficult when you need to type not so common names such as Koshigaya, Hachinohe, Keita and Mizuho. 

I have to stop to type manually each time, and that's kind of a pain.

When I'm typing in Japanese, it is hard to type a sentence that's full of English words as well. 

It is not the case in English, but in Japanese, you can't type in any punctuation or start a new line orally. It would be perfect if it enabled me to do that.

歌詞を音声入力する際は、少し恥ずかしい思いをすることがあります。 ロマンチックな歌詞、例えば、「君と一緒にいたい」や、「君なしでは生きられない」など、そういった文章をやや大きな声で音読しないといけないからです。
As much as it is really useful to use voice typing, I sometimes find it really embarrassing or awkward when I type in song lyrics because most of the lyrics are full of romantic words like "I can't live without you" or  "I don't want to be alone." 

コツ | Tips

In English, it's better to articulate the sounds that Japanese doesn't have such as V, F, th, L and most importantly R.

Meanwhile, in Japanese, it will work better if you stress every vowel that comes after every consonant. For example, if you want to say hello in Japanese, it's better to say kON nI chI wA, instead of just say konnichiwa.

まとめ | Conclusion

体調が悪すぎて座ってすらいられない状態でも、文章を入力することができるということは本当にありがたいです。 なのでもっと練習して、今以上に色々な作業が出来るようになりたいです。
I love the fact that I can be productive even when I'm feeling too sick to sit up because this function enables me to work while I'm in bed. So I will keep practicing and try to be even more productive!

I love that I can type out more in a shorter period of time, and that helps me work more efficiently, which equally means that I can save my precious energy.

I have recently been using it when I text my friends as well. 

Every Android phone and tablet comes with this function, so If you are an Android user, why don't you give it a shot?

There may be many more ways to utilize this function, if you have any, let me know in the comments!

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