It has already been five months since my last shoe maintenance. Since I live in Ibaraki where it gets extremely dry in the winter, it's never good to leave any leather shoes without proper care.

So I cleaned and polished my waterproof leather shoes (Hawkins HL82002) for the first time in a while.
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≪TVCM≫【HAWKINS】 ホーキンス 防水ウォーキングシューズ TR IT LW OX HL82002 F14 RED BROWN

(2016/3/16 22:29時点)

Shoe care products

The color always comes off my shoes with one cleaner that I have, so I've decided to start using a different one instead. So I got a new one.

The white bottle in the center is the new cleaner. It didn't have any noticeable smell, but you should still use it in a place with sufficient ventilation.

GTレザークリーナー -

(2016/3/17 21:54時点)

The can on the right is a newly acquired waterproof spray.

GT防水スプレー 146ml -

(2016/3/17 21:52時点)

I went through the exact same procedures. First, I took off the the shoe laces to make it easier to clean.

I was supposed to brush off the dust here, but I completely forgot. My mind was preoccupied with the next step: the new leather cleaner.

New leather cleaner

So I dove right into the cleaning part.

My biggest concern was, of course, that the new cleaner may cause a stain or discoloration.

I put some on a white cloth...
HawkingsLeatherCleaner160316Photo by Pinoko
Applied it to an inconspicuous place.
HK160316HL82002ColorFadePhoto by Pinoko
I tried it on an area of about 3x5 centimeters on the heel, and discoloration was indistinguishable from the dirt.

So I decided to go with it!

I quickly wiped the shoes with the cleaner cloth. I tried not to put on too much cream.
HK160316HL82002DoneCleaningPhoto by Pinoko
Finished cleaning the shoes. I didn't give any special care to the scratched part of the leather; just cleaned it the same way as the rest of the shoe. Since I forgot to brush off the dust, the cloths got dirtier than they were supposed to. The color also came off more than I expected.

Ughhh, My Favorite Leather Shoe...
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I used colorless leather cream last time, but I may have to use colored cream once every few times to supplement some color, considering the color fades this much.

Leather shoe cream

Next up is the leather cream. Like I did the previous time, I applied Columbus' colorless leather cream.

コロンブス/靴クリームナイトリキッド 無色/10133

(2017/2/7 21:12時点)

HK160316HL82002LeatherCreamPhoto by Pinoko
Last time, I put on too much cream, so I tried to spread it quickly and evenly. I learned that if you apply additional cream on a wet surface, the color will come off. You need to wait until it dries if you find an uneven spot.

It went pretty well this time, but...
HK160316HL82002PotchyScratchesPhoto by Pinoko
When I put some cream on three scratches I got when I fell down last December, they got darker and look spotty. 

I waited for about an hour for them to dry completely. Just for the record, the temperature was 12℃ (53.6F) and the humidity was 59% on that day.

Last time, I finished cleaning here, but I went further this time.

Finishing with waterproof spray

I finished it with a waterproof spray.

I sprayed each shoe evenly for two or three seconds. 
It may not be obvious in the picture, but they got less glossy. You can, however, get the gloss back by polishing them with a clean, dry cloth. Fortunately, it didn't cause any discoloration or stain. 

Waterproof test

Now, all I needed to do was put the shoe laces back, but I wanted to know how much the new waterproof spray would work, so I did a quick test.

The procedure was easy; just pour some water over the shoes from the height of my knee (about 19.6 inches above the shoe.)

I poured about a half cup of water (100cc) on the toe where it tends to get wet when I wear them.
HK160317HL82002WaterproofTestPhoto by Pinoko
Water soak through very easily with the waterproof spray I used before, but as you can see, water beaded up and rolled off this time!

I highly recommend this spray.

GT防水スプレー 146ml -

(2016/3/17 22:09時点)

Photo by Pinoko
It's not a perfect protection against water, but it repelled water enough for me.

It looks like it can keep dust or dirt off the shoes. Water didn't soak through the scratches with that amount. 

Now, I don't have to worry about rainy days as much as before.


HK160317HL82002FinishPhoto by Pinoko
Finished with cleaning and polishing!!

Last time, I messed up a lot by using too much cream or additional cream on the wet surface. With all the failures in mind, I was able to clean these shoes quickly and efficiently this time. 

It feels awesome to be in a shiny, clean pair of shoes. As it's getting warmer day by day, I'd really like to go out in these shoes soon. 

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